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2020 has proven to be a formidable foe in many respects, but the opportunity to stay home and focus on writing has yielded some positive results. Although I have worked from home as a full-time composer for more than a decade, I have not taken the time to focus on just one major project. I am normally spinning several projects at once as opportunities and commissions present themselves. However, this year's canceling of all performance opportunities, and the slowing to a trickle of commissions has garnered the chance to do just that.

Thus, I have focused my efforts this year priarily on an opera called The Bird Lady, which evolved from my two art song set of the same name, which was premiered on February 27, 2018 by soprano Lauren Alfano-Ishida on a concert of the New York Compolsers Circle. Although the lyrics for the art songs were penned by Linda Marcus and Julie I. Meyers, the libretto was written by Germaine Shames who developed the story while incorporating these two songs. The Bird Lady is a two-act chamber opera with three main charcters - Annabelle (soprano), Marcus (tenor), and Percy (baritone) - with a chorus of four, and a small chamber ensemble of ten - (1 each) flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, piano, 2 violins, (1 each) viola, cello, and contrabass. I am hopeful to be complete with the writing process by the end of February 2021. I had hoped to be done by the end of December 2020, but . . . well . . . 2020!!

You may view the score to the opera HERE, and if interested in a reading or performance opportunity, please EMAIL me.

Other projects this year have included a big band arrangement of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, an big band arrangement of a movement from my orchestral suite Kid's Play, and a commission for a violin-cello duet. In addition to the two big band arrangements, I went through my entire catalogue of big band scores (25 in all) and did some maintenance and clean-up of the scores, and I created higher quality sound files for demo purposes. I recently discovered the NotePerformer sound library, which uses AI (artifical intelligence) to generate more realistic sounding playbacks (as much as that is possible) than most computer-generated sound playbacks. The brass in particular are much better than Finale's Garritan library, which has been my main staple for playback purposes. Of course, these are all simply for the sole purpose of sending out demos to potential performers. I do highly recommend NotePerformer though! The big band scores may be viewed HERE.

The violin-cello commission was a pleasant surprise and came from a couple of friends I met through the Mostly Modern Festivals in Saratoga Springs over the last two summers. Dan Qiao (violin) and Carolyn Regula (cello) contacted me to invite me to write a piece for their upcoming recording project called Mirror 2 Mirror. So, in October I wrote for them Mirror Mirror, a three-movement work that focuses on different mirroring techniques using 12-tone tonalities. I am very much looking forward to their performance and recording of the piece in early 2021. Good luck ladies, and thank you for including me!

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I am thrilled to announce that my scores are officially being distributed through the Subito Music Corporation. For now, there are just a few titles available (look for the SMD logo), but by the end of the year, all of my titles will be available for purchase through Subito. You may access my profilepage and the titles for sale by clicking here: http://smds.subitomusic.com/timothyleemiller. Until all titles are available through Subito Music, however, you may still purchase them directly from me by sending an email to tlmillmus@gmail.com. Please specify which title you wish to purchase, and how many, if more than one, and I will get back to you with an invoice detailing the cost. This is a big step in freeing my time to spend more time composing, and in other more important pursuits, like spending time with my family!

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