Timothy Lee Miller/composer

The Bird Lady (2017-2021)

A chamber opera in two acts

An eccentric young woman known as the Bird Lady lives a life of timeless simplicity in a well-

tended garden with only her equally eccentric gardener for human company — until a brash young man determined to build his dream home buys the adjoining lot. When the Bird Lady and her new neighbor clash over the felling of a tree planted squarely on the property line, sparks fly.

Libretto by Germaine Shames

Additional Text by Linda Marcus & Julie I. Meyers


ANNABELLE - Soprano (range D4-Bb5)

MARCUS - Tenor (range C3-Bb4)

PERCY - Baritone (range G2-G4)

CHORUS - SAAB - three birds and a bee


1 - Flute (piccolo, alto flute)               

1 - Oboe (English horn)                    

1 - Clarinet (bass clarinet)               

1 - Bassoon                              

1 - Piano (celesta)                         

Strings: Violin I & II, Viola, Cello, Bass

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Vocal-Piano Score

Full Score/Act I

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Total running time: c. 2 hours 15 minutes

For performance and rental information, please send an email to tlmillmus@gmail.com with inquiries, or click on PURCHASE/RENT above.

Individual arias from the opera are available for performance. Please click the Art Songs tab above to be directed to the art song page.

A Preview Showcase Premiere was given (Act I only) on October 31, 2021, at Marc A. Scorca Hall, OPERA America's National Opera Center, New York, New York.

Full Score/Act II